TJ's Gift Foundation

  • Event Photography

What can I say about Brad Cerasani... other than what a remarkable person, number one, and secondly what an incredible photographer! I only recently got to know Brad, and in that short time I realized what an asset he has been to our organization, the TJ's Gift Foundation. Our Foundation is very personal to my family, as it was formed after the murder of our 20 year old son, T.J. Wiebe. This "personal" feeling affects everything we do, and Brad's photography brought that feeling even closer. At our "Rockin for Choices" concert at MTS Centre, Brad took incredible shots that captured the event like no one else could have. There is one particular shot he took of my wife and I addressing the crowd... It was perfect... He chose a certain position to capture that "personal" feeling, with the stage lights that spotlighted that "personal" touch. Brad is one of the only photographers I have met that actually has his heart in every shot he takes. Thank you so much Brad...

- Floyd & Karen Wiebe, TJ's Gift Foundation

All Access Music Series/Driven Entertainment

  • Event Photography

The work is 2nd to none. The pictures you captured of the All Access Music series with Brent Fitz were the best we had all tour! It really captured what we are trying to do with this series and It shone an amazing light on what Dave has created with his Drum Talk sessions. Thanks again and I can't wait to see what you have in store for us in the future

- Brent Donnelly, All Access/Driven Entertainment

Hallmark Homes

  • Web Design & Development
  • Architectural Photography


Just thought I’d drop you a note regarding all the unbelievable work you have done for us. As you already know, our web experience was extremely limited, but you managed to speak a language we could understand. My father and I had previously started with a different web company that took over a year and countless dollars before we finally gave up. That’s when you stepped in. You listen to us, evaluated our needs and took over from there. You explained things we needed to know (even something’s we didn’t.…code) but that was our fault for asking. You guided us through the entire process, making positive suggestions along the way, exceeding all of our expectations. We quickly learned to trust your experience, expertise and integrity. As far as your photography, it is amazing. How you can get that perfect picture every time, I’ll never know (all that fancy equipment I’m sure helps). Our website (also being maintained by you) has been up for a while now and is generating all kinds of leads and activity.

“Thank you for all your help” does not seem to do justice for everything you have done, but that and a “Cheque” I’m sure helps.

- Sean Checkley, Hallmark Homes

Forever Gold

  • Promotional Photography

Whenever we're in need of new band photo's we know just who to call! Brad is an extremely talented and versatile photographer who can capture an image like no other. We've used his services multiple times now and have always been very impressed by the quality of both his photo's and his dedication to getting a great shot. Whether it means getting soaking all wet lying down in dewy grass, or fighting off swarms of mosquitoes, Brad will get the shot! I highly recommend his services - he is great at what he does and is a pleasure to work with.

- Dane Arbuckle, Forever Gold

Maximum Sixty

  • Promotional Photography

We've had the pleasure of working with Brad on several occasions during the last few years, and have nothing but great things to say about him. His work ethic is astounding, and you will notice this immediately when viewing his samples. Whether it is photography or anything design related you're looking for, we could not recommend anyone more talented and fun to work with!

- Lyle MacKenzie, Maximum 60